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Frequently asked questions

I’m a parent, how can my child get involved in Penfriends?

Through Cambridge English Penfriends, we connect your child’s school with a school in another country. To take part, speak to your child’s teacher to register their class to Penfriends.

I’m a student, how can I get involved in Penfriends?

To take part, speak to your teacher to register your class to Penfriends. Alternatively, check out our social media pages for learning tips: Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. There are also free activities on the Cambridge English website.

What happens after I register?

Your registration will be reviewed by a member of our team. You will receive a confirmation email when your registration has been confirmed. Follow the instructions in the email and then start making Penfriends!

Can a teacher add more than one class to their profile?

Yes, teachers can add more than one class to their profile. To do this, click the Class tab under Edit Profile then add name of class in box under School Classes then click save. The class will appear in the school’s profile.

How do students design cards?

We encourage students to be as imaginative as they would like, cards do not need to be designed on the computer some are letters, drawings and paintings. Cards can be uploaded to the school’s profile by either taking a photo or scanning the card (whichever is most convenient). File formats are as follows, .jpg .PNG or .gif and less than 3MB.

What is a connection?

A connection is when a teacher accepts a request from another teacher and exchanges cards designed by their students via post or email. Teachers can create multiple connections depending on how many students they have participating in Penfriends.

The link to view my partner school’s cards does not work, how can I view the cards?

You can click the links in your Active connections now which will take you to a link to view the cards in the connection.

What shall I do if my partner school does not respond to a connection request?

Allow 4 days for the school to respond, they may be on school holiday or going through a busy exam period. If you still do not hear from the school, contact the Penfriends team.

How do I end a connection?

Go to your active connections and click cards sent, this will end your side of the connection.

If you still need help please contact the Penfriends team

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