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Penfriends for parents

Penfriends advice for parents

Your child can make friends with other English learners around the world through our fun, international Cambridge English Penfriends activity. Your child will design and share cards with learners at a school in another country in a safe and easy way. The cards are based on a theme – the current theme is ‘create your own invention’.

Through this activity, we hope that your child will have fun making new friends and developing English language skills in a way that is practical, fun and communicative. It not only gives children the chance to get creative, but also develops their vocabulary, spelling and grammar in a rewarding activity. It’s a great chance for students to develop their confidence and get excited about English!

How your child can take part

Through Cambridge English Penfriends, we connect your child’s school with a school in another country. To take part, your child’s school must register here.

If your child’s school hasn’t joined Cambridge English Penfriends yet, you can download our leaflet here which has all of the information they need to get started.

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