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Kaunas "Papartis" Primary School

Kaunas, Lithuania   


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Our ‘Papartis’ Primary School works to create a concrete and integrated view of the world for the child. The school is situated in the North part of the city. Although the school is small but we do our best to organise our pupils as many extra classes, as they need to make them develop their interests. There are 286 students and 26 teachers in our school at the moment. What is more 12 classes are formed. In addition to this, 13 students are taught by the special education curriculum. During their primary school years, students become acclimated to their surroundings and learn basic reading, writing, and arithmetic skills. The basics of a foreign language are taught and artistic expression is encouraged. The children's main methods of learning are organized through example, experience, activity, and direct contact. One teacher generally teaches all the basic subjects in the close cooperation with the students' families. Additionally, to fulfill students' needs, our school offers grades, for students with special education difficulties and for those who are mostly interested in other leisure activities such as: Boys’ Vocal Singing Band; Decorations and Decoupage; The Young Naturalists; A Growing European; A Creative Workshop; The Little Ethnography Lovers; Plastic Art and Ceramics; Robotics; Table Tennis; Active Games; The Choir ‘Papartėlis’ (En – The Little Fern) Talking about sport activities, the most important competition is called „The Principal Cup“. This competition is organized in September or October. Children are playing the game that is called ‘Kvadratas’ (En – A Square). Our school offers an after school program, called “Leisure Group”, where parents can leave their children after lessons. Children do their homework there, have their lunch or dinner, take part in extra classes, play in the yard and are supervised by teachers. Well prepared and experienced teachers are guiding students to be the best in a climate of communication and mutual respect, knowing very well that a school cannot exist without any students or teachers – as participants in the educational act – but without dialogue between them.

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Kaunas, Lithuania

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