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Ukmerges Uzupio pagrindine mokykla

Ukmerge, Lithuania   


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Uzupio basic school is in the town of Ukmerge which is 70 km from Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. Our school is one of the oldest schools in Ukmerge, about 400 pupils learn here. Everyone is very friendly, helpful and supportive, so if you need any assistance you can definitely turn to them. Teachers are very professional and always are eager to help the students when acquiring knowledge. You can always find healthy, delicious and cheap meals in the canteen of our school.The Council of Students work to make sure the process of learning is not draining or mind-numbing, but fun too. There are unlimited possibilities to do sports and stay fit because our taechers work in a superb basketball court and football pitch and use lots of various equipment. There is also a wide range of after school activities and clubs to choose from, so you will never be bored. Besides, our school always celebrates different occasions and organizes various events or actions, so everyone is involved.

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Ukmerge, Lithuania

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