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The School of English in Pushkino

Pushkino, Moscow Region, Russia   


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What does it mean to know a language? To know a language is to gain access to a world of opportunities! It is about possessing the tools to enrich your life with new, bright, happy and unforgettable experiences. Do you want to decipher the secrets of the Russian language? Do you want to travel, relax, have fun, and make new friends while learning to speak Russian? Do you want to broaden your career options or improve your resume? Do you want to challenge yourself to master the Russian language? All of this is possible at the School of English in Pushkino! What makes SEP different from other English schools? Unlike many language schools, you are not just a face in the crowd. You become part of the SEP family. We pride ourselves on getting to know you on a personal level and going that extra mile to help you We are here to make your stay in Russia memorable! Meet new people and discover new cultures, and practice your Russian and English. Russian / English lessons and Russian / English courses are tailor-made depending on the needs of YOU. The classrooms are fully equipped with all modern gadgets to make your classes dynamic, interesting and fun! Free use of bikes will add sporty elements in your life style. Besides studying we offer tennis, cycling, swimming, social activities, cultural program and trips to make sure that you get the most out of your Russian / English language holiday. All our Russian / English teachers are highly qualified, creative and experienced. They are carefully selected and receive regular training and monitoring to make sure our rigorous standards are maintained. As a small organization we can concentrate on your individual needs and help you improve your use of Russian, be it for a new job or exam or just for travel. We not only help you with Russian / English lessons and classes but also any accommodation arrangements and leisure activities you may need. Trust us and try Russian hospitality!

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Pushkino, Moscow Region, Russia

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