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Yakacık Doğa Schools

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SECONDARY SCHOOL EDUCATION contact me if you want to be our penfriends ( Doğa Schools give the student the opportunity to develop himself/herself, gain different perspectives and discover his/her interests and skills. Therefore, the student of Doğa Schools gets ready not only for the exams but also for the life. Doğa Schools come to the forefront with their new generation education approach and student oriented and unique system. They bring a new perspective to education via "interest and ability lessons" that support academic, social, personal and psychological development of the students. The students of Doğa Schools, who ride high in education with each new practice, always achieve a great success. The students of Doğa Schools prove their success in Anatolian and Science High Schools exams of the Ministry of National Education, in point tests throughout Turkey and at international academic, cultural, art and sportive competitions. Also, they are in the forefront with their individual achievements and school averages. Unique and student oriented approach underlies the academic achievement of Doğa Schools. The system and practices that never make concession of success contribute to the social and personal developments of the students. Doğa Schools give the students the opportunity of improving and expressing themselves, realizing their skills and setting a course suitable for themselves via unique education practices. Besides basic lessons that are taught to secondary school students, we carry out "interest and ability lessons" application at all our campuses that make them global world citizens. Therefore, we prepare the students to the t-MBA which is applied at Doğa High Schools starting from the 5th grade. The students get ready for life as world citizens via “Art Education, Drama, Ecology, Creative Authorship, Entrepreneurship, Inventor Workshop, Mind Games, Thinking Skill Education, International Relations and Management Science” interest and ability lessons In this way, the success of the students in basic curriculum lessons gradually increases.

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İstanbul, Turkey

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