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Gkotsi foreign languages school

Athens, Greece   


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We're a foreign languages school in Athens. My students are really willing to keep a permanent contact with other foreign students. They love exchanging letters or postcards and I would dare to say that are fluent English users both at speaking and writing skills. It is a private school, licenced by the Greek Regulatory Body which is in charge for (EOPPEP). As a school has existed for more than 30 years and it is featured as a small family business which is run from generation to generation. We teach English, French, Spanish and Italian to all class levels, from toddlers to adults. Our teaching culture is based on the joyful spirit and the effective way of learning consists of the use of several teaching resources, such as the Information Technology and its tools (blogging, searching, writing, editing, presenting), books, drama acting, crafting and lots of speaking and listening activities. The majority of our students have succeeded to achieve specific goals since today, that is to say, to get the higher or even the highest diplomas of foreign languages certification. The area, where our school is located, is a disadvantageous one comparing with others of Athens. However, both us the teachers and the students are doing the best to stand out and especially to be extrovert and communicative.

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  • 30 children
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  • 11-14 years
  • CEFR level A2


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Christmas holidays
21 Dec 21 - 07 Jan 22

The children at this school are busy designing their cards and will upload them for you to see soon.

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Athens, Greece

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