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First City Gymnasia

Cherkasy, Ukraine   


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Our slogan reads: ALWAYS FIRST Іn 2020 Cherkasy First City Gymnasia will mark its 140 th anniversary. This educational establishment has grown from a male gymnasia, First Labour School, First Exemplary Secondary School, Secondary School #1 to a polylingual school. It offers the teaching of 12 languages, namely Ukrainian, Russian, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Turkish, Chinese, Japanese, Modern Hebrew. The gymnasia is officially acknowledged as the Education and Science Leader of Ukraine – 2011. It is a member of Ukrainian Schools of the Future Association, the Ukrainian Association of Teachers of Spanish. It is a magnet school for the Institute of Pedagogy of Ukrainian National Academy of Pedagogical Sciences. Such International language centres work at the gymnasia: Cambridge English Exam Preparation Centre; Regional Cambridge ESOL Centre “Olympus”; Centro de Examen DELE Instituto Cervantes; Partner vom GOETHE-INSTITUT in der Ukraine im Rahmen des Projekts “Prufungen in der Schule”; SMRT International Distance Education Centre (Canadian College of English Language); Regional Cambridge Centre “Promotion” to prepare English language teachers for international certification. The FCG body of students totals 725 pupils aged 6 through 17. The teaching staff amounts to 65 members. Among them there are 4 Honoured Teachers of Ukraine, 1 Ph. D. in Pedagogy; 4 National Winners of Ukrainian-American programs: Teaching Excellence Award and Partners in Education; Change Agents – 2; Coach of NUS (НУШ) -1; 46 specialists of the highest qualification category. Outstanding graduates of the school are the writers M. Drai- Khmara, O. Lebedenko, O. Korolevych, the graphic artist V. Zamyrailo, the historian B. Krupnytsky, the academician, scientist O. Barannikov, the former Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of Ukraine to the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland V. Khandogiy. Cherkasy First City Gymnasia is a modern general educational school, new in its form, content, plurilingual and multicultural surrounding which provides for its students a high-quality education, developing and upbringing. Its School Parliament, Euroclub, Interact, Children’s Diplomacy Centre, English Club, language societies work effectively. The gymnasia is not only a unique educational establishment but also an effective scientific centre. In it the conception and model of a polylingual gymnasia functioning, Dialogue of Cultures scientific-methodological and upbringing program; regulations of polylingual and polycultural personality development and international cooperation centre are successfully defined, substantiated and experimentally proved.

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Cherkasy, Ukraine

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