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Școala Gimnaziala nr.7

Buzău , Romania   


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Gymnasium School Nr. 7 Buzau is one of the largest secondary schools with a modern material base, able to meet the demands imposed by the community in the process of teaching-learning-evaluation. The education offered to the students of the school is a quality one based on traditional education, in a climate and a study atmosphere quite different, attractive and with varied programs and activities. The educational offer of the school is designed in such a way that the - educational process is centered on the pupil. Our instructive-educational activity is supported by a school counselor, a support teacher and a school mediator. The teaching staff is professionally well-trained and with great love for children, the teacher-teacher relationship being a special one. A competent management team contributes to this. We maintain a close relationship with parents, an indispensable relationship that is based on sincerity, mutual trust and respect. The activities carried out at school level through various educational projects highlight the students' abilities and contribute considerably to their personal development and preparation for choosing the way to the future.

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  • 1071 children
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  • 11-14 years
  • CEFR level A2


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Buzău , Romania

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