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Rokiškio Juozo Tumo- Vaižganto gynasium

Rokiškis, Lithuania   


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Rokiskis Juozas Tumas - Vaizgantas gymnasium is the only gymnasium in Rokiskis town which provides secondary education. The gymnasium has 63 teachers and 571 students aged 15-19 at present. The gymnasium has 2 psychologists, a social worker and a specialist working with the special needs pupils . The gymnasium consists of two subdivisions, two separate buildings. Our gymnasium is a modern, safe and open-minded school which keeps to the principals of democracy. It is also orientated to co-human values, preserving cultural heritage and cherishing school traditions. Our gymnasium provides favorable conditions for longlasting education. The teachers do their best to work under the changing situation and qualitatively satisfy the needs of the society while educating young generation, effectively organizing the educational process, seeking for innovations and their implementation.

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  • 15-18 years
  • CEFR level B1


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21 Jun 19 - 31 Aug 19

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Rokiškis, Lithuania

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