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American Culture College

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PRINCIPLES OF AMERICAN CULTURE COLLEGE - We adopted a student-centered approach. - We keep abreast of latest developments in understanding the psychological developments of our students. - We aim to help our students to develop creative and critical thinking skills, and obtain knowledge vital for success in this age of information and technology. - We want our students to adopt a multidisciplinary approach to any issue that they may face in life. - We want our students to place utmost respect for human rights and the dignity of human being. - We want our students to be able to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to the problems facing our world. - We want our students to be global citizens of this world. - In line with our motto, “The Future Begins.”, we want our students to build their own future in our school and help transform the world into a better one.

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  • 500 children
  • 20 children taking part
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  • 7-10 years
  • CEFR level A2


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17 Jan 20 - 02 Feb 20

The children at this school are busy designing their cards and will upload them for you to see soon.

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Class 4-A

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Istanbul, Turkey

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