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Colegio Santo Domingo

Montevideo, Uruguay   


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Colegio y Liceo Santo Domingo, founded in 1876 by a group of French and Italian nuns from France, is an educational center that belongs to the Congregation of Dominicans of Saint Catherine of Siena.   We are an educational institution that accompanies children from 3 months to 18 years old. Our pedagogical and pastoral proposal is flexible, comprehensive and inclusive, welcoming diversity and respectful of capacities, needs and motivations of each student. Our project integrates the family and seeks to build common criteria from dialogue, listening, respect and trust.   We promote an integral formation centered on the person with a Christian conception of the human being, of life and of the world that seeks the harmonious development of all its potentials.   Our approach is that of an education conceived as a tool to develop the ability to think, do and feel with an activated pedagogy and with a global approach.   It seeks to enhance the cognitive, spiritual, physical, motor, communicational, social and emotional abilities of the students. For this reason we have a curriculum design enriched by different activities: religion, languages ​​(English and French), art (art, theater, music and choir), sports, service projects and meeting places (camps, workshops and retreats )   The Dominican character determines a participative and fraternal climate that is characterized by freedom, closeness, creativity, humility, dialogue, service and mutual respect.   We conceive the school as a place of discoveries, encounters and learning, animated by the evangelical spirit of freedom and charity. A space where people talk and listen, where knowledge and emotions fit.

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Montevideo, Uruguay

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