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Putilkovo, Moscow region, Russia      active school


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Steps School has been teaching English and other courses in the Moscow region since 2013. We are located just within a walking distance from Moscow. We pride ourselves in offering a wide choice of courses for all needs and for children of all ages, ranging from as early as 1-year-olds to school leavers. This includes General English, State Exams and Cambridge Exams Preparation, Crafting and Art, Mathematics and Reading and Sciences for preschoolers and early learning classes for toddlers. There is something for every child here. Our students are eager to explore new cultures, make friends from all round the globe, get to know their lifestyle and tell about the local life, exchange views and opinions of mutual interest. We are very open-minded, indeed. We find it cool to overcome distances and time barriers. Do you feel like this, too? If so, do not hesitate to contact us. For more information, photos and videos, visit our Instagram

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  • 200 children
  • 350 children taking part
  • 350 children available to connect
  • Mixed ages (up to 18)
  • CEFR level B1


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Putilkovo, Moscow region, Russia

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