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Szent Imre Katolikus Általános Iskola és Alapfokú Művészeti Iskola | Saint Emeric Catholic Pri

Zsombó, Hungary      active school


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We are a village primary school in the south of Hungary. Our school was named after Saint Emeric, who was the son of Saint Stephen, the first king of Hungary. He lived his short life with remarkable self-control. He lived a pure life, morally and physically. He is universally considered as the patron of youth. The logo of our school refers to united diversity. We are different, with various talents and values. Each colour has a meaning: green is renewal, red means love, yellow is hope, orange denotes energy, blue means peace, and purple means knowledge. Our school has got 230 students and 26 teachers. The head teacher is Mr. Péter Pálmai. We go to school from Monday to Friday. School starts at 8 and finishes at about 1 pm. Students generally have 4 to 6 lessons a day. In the afternoon, children can participate in study circles. English is taught as a compulsory foreign languages. Also. Students start learning a second language at the age of ten, in Year 4. They might choose to learn another foreign language as well (German or French) in the afternoon classes. We can proudly say that we have been involved in international projects for several years. We also try to do our best in other subjects, for example Maths, Hungarian, Sports or Chemistry); we participate in many contests. A lot of programmes enrich our life throughout the academic year: • the Opening Ceremony and Mess, then the Out of School Hive in September; • the Week of Health and St. Emeric Day in October; • Santa Party and Christmas Ceremony in December; • the Week of Marriage and the poem and storytelling competition in February; • the School Charity Ball in April; • and finally the field trips, the School Leaving Ceremony and the Closing Ceremony and Mess in June. Besides, we have commemorations on our national holidays: 15 March, 6 October, 23 October and 4 June. Let us tell a bit about education in Hungary. Before starting primary school, children may go to crèche. When children are 3 years old, they go to nursery school. Luckily, there is a crèche and a nursery school as well in Zsombó. Our crèche is run by the local government, while the nursery school is operated by the Roman Catholic Church. Education is compulsory between the ages of 6 and 16. Primary school consists of 8 years, divided into 2 sections: lower primary (the first 4 years) and upper primary (from Years 5 to 8). Lower primary teachers are class teachers, teaching most of the subjects; however upper primary teachers are usually specialised in 2 or 3 subject areas. From the age of 15, students may continue their studies at different types of secondary schools. The school academic year runs from September to mid-June. Schools generally have two semesters, but religious holidays (Christmas and Easter) are times of longer school breaks. Watch the video presenting our school:

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Zsombó, Hungary

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