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Liceo Linguistico Lambruschini

Montalcino (SI), Italy, Italy   


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“A small window on the world” Our Language High School, located in the worldwide famous Wine Town of Montalcino in Tuscany, gives us lots of opportunities to discover the world where we live! Montalcino is a small town not so far from Siena and Florence so we are surrounded by the beauty of unique landscapes, hills and vineyards, art, history and traditions. We are equipped with the most innovative information technology through which the linguistic education is provided We study four European languages: English, French, German and Spanish. Another interesting thing is that we don’t just study languages inside of our classroom but we practice them also by learning the culture of different countries and people all around the world thanks to the trips and exchanges that the school gives us the opportunity to do! Our proficiency in English language varies from B1 to C1. We all are very curious to meet teenagers with different lifestyles and we can’t wait to have new penfriends from all over the world sharing letters and postcards!

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  • 80 children
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  • 15-18 years
  • CEFR level B2


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Christmas holidays
23 Dec 20 - 06 Jan 21

The children at this school are busy designing their cards and will upload them for you to see soon.

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Montalcino (SI), Italy, Italy

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