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Cipolletti, Río Negro, Argentina   


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Sunrise School is a non-profit organization, where all its members are fully committed to achieving academic excellence in all its students, through a bilingual education, in an atmosphere of respect to all races and religions and, at the same time, of freedom, harmony, love and joy of learning, in a beautiful physical environment. ​ Where its students strive to reach their full potential socially and as a person, with high moral and ethical standards, concern for the needs of others, with an open mind which allow them to understand other cultures as well as their own. ​ Where the institution commits itself to the community to provide its students with the necessary skills in both languages: English and Spanish, both in a national and international context, catering for the academic, social, physical, ethical and cultural development of its students, recognizing the importance of co-operating with that community and strengthening the School´s contribution to society in general.

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  • 600 children
  • 45 children taking part
  • 0 children available to connect
  • 15-18 years
  • CEFR level B2


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  • 31 cards sent
  • Last login 14th May 22


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Summer Holidays
17 Dec 21 - 02 Feb 22

The children at this school are busy designing their cards and will upload them for you to see soon.

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Cipolletti, Río Negro, Argentina

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