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CEST Sagrada

Curitibanos, Brazil   


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Our school is located in Curitibanos town where has been providing educational services for over 60 years. The school was founded in 1957 as a kindergarden named Santa Teresinha (Saint Therese of the Child Jesus). In the year of 2000, the kindergarden expanded its structure and became an elementary school and some years later, a high school. CEST is attended by the Franciscan Sisters of the Holy Family of Mary, whose founder Saint Zygmunt S. Felinsky was canonized by the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, in 2009. We are a Catholic school, but open to ecumenism. Our culture, based on a ludic and creative way of teaching, supports family values, community life, friendship, simplicity, sharing and solidarity, as necessary principles for a more fair, fraternal and equal society. CEST school has an ethical commitment to quality education, providing educational knowledge and experiences based on socio-interactionist pedagogy and values committed to the integral formation of the student based on the Christian principles of the Holy Family, which is education with love.

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  • 300 children
  • 60 children taking part
  • 38 children available to connect
  • Mixed ages (up to 18)
  • CEFR level A1


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19 Jul 21 - 01 Aug 21

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Curitibanos, Brazil

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